RCMP 150th Anniversary Pipe Music Collection

“Maintiens Le Droit”

**Update** The deadline for submissions for the collection has now passed. We have received over 200 tunes and are finalizing the selection for the book. Release is still expected for May 2023. Watch this site for details

In 2023, the RCMP will celebrate their 150th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of both the RCMP Tartan and RCMP Community Bands of Pipes and Drums. As part of the commemoration of these two significant milestones, a project is underway to collect, produce, and publish an RCMP Pipe Music Collection of original tunes. This is a not-for-profit endeavour. The target date for unveiling the book is May 23, 2023.

The call for tunes will be a two-pronged process. An initial call, primarily internal to the eight national RCMP pipe bands, took place in January 2021. A second broader call for tunes will be done in the spring of 2021 through RCMP publications, piping websites, etc.

Q: Who can submit an original tune(s)?
A: To be selected for inclusion in the book, tunes must be original, and must meet one of the following criteria:
Composed by a former or current RCMP pipe band member
Composed by a family member of a former or current RCMP employee or RCMP pipe band member
Dedicated to, or written for a former or current RCMP employee, RCMP pipe band member, or an event/structure with a nexus to the RCMP

Q: How will tunes be accepted for inclusion?
A: All submitted tunes will be reviewed and chosen for inclusion by a selection committee.

Q: When is the cut-off to submit a tune?
A: Entries will be accepted up until the end of 2022 [December 31, 2022].

Q: What bagpipe music writing program will be used for the book?
A: CelticPipes is the music notation software application that is being used.

Some sample tunes, in CelticPipes, are attached below to demonstrate the formatting. Specifically, Helvetica font will be used [RCMP official font] with the tune name 20pt, genre and composer name 12pt and the provenance/history of the tune name 10pt in italics at the bottom of the page. [the provenance will be restricted to a one-liner]

Q: Do I have to submit a tune(s) using CelticPipes?
A: No, you do not have to submit in the CelticPipes software, however, it is preferred if you are able to submit using this program. You can also submit written sheet music using other bagpipe music software, and hand-written music will also be accepted. These submissions will be converted into CelticPipes. If your tune writing software produces ABC, BWW or BMW formatted files, send those along as well, since they can be imported into Celtic Pipes.

Q: How do I submit a tune(s)?
A: Your submission(s) can be sent to either the email address below or sent by Canada Post to the mailing address below. A completed information sheet – bagpipe music release form – is to accompany your submission. It is a fillable PDF form, which you can download here. Save a copy once it is completed, then send in PDF format. Each composer’s biography will be included in the book along with a brief description of the significance of the tune name. Should additional information or clarification be required a member of the team will be in contact with the composer directly.

Q: If I submit more than one tune, do I have to fill out a new information form for each tune? What types of tunes can I submit?
A: No, simply complete one form, however, please ensure that you submit the significance or story of each submitted tune’s name. You can submit as many tunes as you wish and they can be of any genre (i.e., march, reel, jig…) and time signature.

Q: What else will be included in the book?
A: In addition to the music, the book will also include: an index, composers’ biographies, letters of endorsement from appropriate high-profile persons, a narrative detailing the history of the RCMP, the RCMP tartan, RCMP Pipes and Drums, Regimental Bugle Calls and photographs.

Q: How do we ensure that all eligible composers are aware of this project?
A: It’s a shared responsibility to ensure that this information is as widely distributed as possible. A broad call for tunes will be done in the spring of 2021 (RCMP publications, piping websites, pipe band associations, etc.)

Q: How do I get a copy of the finished product?
A: That information will be made available on this website when arrangements are completed. Details will also be promulgated on RCMP Pipe Band social media.

Submit your tune(s) and the completed information form to:
Email: rcmpmusic150@shaw.ca
– or –
Mail to:
RCMP Music 150
513 Hall Road
Ladysmith, BC
V9G 1V9


Tasha’s Waltz — PDFMP3

Maintiens le Droit — PDFMP3

Mounties March — PDFMP3

RCMP Regimental March — PDFMP3