Answering the Call in Nunavut

June 1st, 2023 was a very special occasion for two members of the Ottawa RCMP Pipe Band. Drum Major (acting as a piper) Brad Hampson and Drum Corporal Andy Main answered the call and traveled to Iqaluit, Nunavut to assist with the Change of Command Ceremony for the “V” Division Commanding Officer.

Chief Supt. Amanda Jones, who had been CO since 2019, was officially turning over the Division to Chief Supt. Andrew Blackadar. RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme was on hand to supervise the turnover.

Arrival in Iqaluit

The view flying in to Iqaluit

Drum Cpl. Main and Piper Hampson provided the march past and inspection music on the historic parade, amidst traditional Inuk throat singing, drumming, and dancing. The inclusion of live piping and drumming for the ceremony was a hit for the members in attendance.

The two band members enjoyed the opportunity to visit the area and take some great pictures around the town. This was a first for the Pipe Band and we hope it sets a precedent.

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