About the Band and Dancers

Welcome to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pipes, Drums and Dancers of the National Division

The Band serves communities policed by the RCMP in Ontario, Quebec and the National Capital Region. The Pipe Band is comprised of active and retired members of the RCMP and the Canadian military along with citizen volunteers, who come together to share and showcase their musical talent and perform for the communities they serve.

Fifteen talented women from across the National Capital Region dedicate their time and effort to proudly perform together as the Highland Dance troupe for the RCMP Band. All are well known within the competitive dance community and positively promote their passion of dance for the RCMP organization.

Celtic music has a powerful appeal to young and old alike and this initiative provides a unique opportunity to bring the community closer to its national police force. The Band and Dancers perform at dozens of events each year for local, national and international audiences, both together and as separate groups.