The RCMP Dance Team - National Division


The band first performed with it’s dancers in November of 2002, marking the retirement of the Commanding Officer of “A” Division, Assistant Commissioner Dawson Hovey. The goal, over the years, has been to bring in experienced dancers, to make travel easier and raise the group’s professionalism and quality in performances. Over the past few years, under the direction of Karen Walsh, the team has become a high quality group of show dancers

Most of our dancers are former or current competitors in and around the National Capital Region. The dancers who have joined our group not only understand the discipline of competition life, but respect and uphold a standard I believe proudly represents the name RCMP. Many of our members have travelled worldwide for competition as well as shows including China, Switzerland, and even Scotland for the Edinburgh tattoo.

The intricate steps we compose, along with traditional flair brings forth an added modern touch that makes participation both fun and challenging. We love contributing alongside the other members of our band in show for local communities and abroad. Performing with the RCMP band in an honour, and we feel fortunate to be working with such a stellar group.

The RCMP dancers are now under the direction of Kelsey Campbell.



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