Events - 2019


The Band is looking forward to another exciting year of local, national, and international performances this year. We have big plans for 2019. We are currently reviewing our commitments for the year and will post our upcoming appearances as soon as we can.


Check here often to see what we have planned. 




Saturday 19th - Judy Booth's Memorial Service (Almonte, Ontario)




Saturday 2nd - RCMP Musical Ride Open House and Food Drive (RCMP College/Stables - Ottawa, Ontario)

Wednesday 13th - Shaw Centre Conference Opening - (Ottawa, Ontario)




Sunday 17th - St. Patrick's Day Parade (Composite Band) - (Montreal, Quebec)

Tuesday 19th - Perley-Rideau Vets Concert (Ottawa, Ontario)




Wednesday 17th - "O" Division Change of Command Parade (Toronto, Ontario)

Sunday 28th - On The Road to Holland - Band Concert (Ottawa, Ontario) 




Saturday 3rd - Ontario Police Memorial Parade (Toronto, Ontario)

Thursday 23rd - RCMP Memorial Vigil - Beechwood (Ottawa, Ontario)

Tuesday 28th - Orchard View Living Center (Ottawa, Ontario)

Thursday 30th - Rockland High School - Visit of Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell (Rockland, Ontario)




Saturday 1st - Tunis Shriners Wreath Laying Ceremony - National War Memorial (Ottawa, Ontario)

Sunday 2nd - MD Walk - Ottawa City Hall (Ottawa, Ontario)

Saturday 8th - ALS Walk - War Museum (Ottawa, Ontario)

Friday 14th - Relay for Life - Terry Fox Sports Field (Ottawa, Ontario)

Monday 17th - Canadian Standards Association Conference (Ottawa, Ontario)

Saturday 22nd - CHEO Teddy Bear Picnic (Ottawa, Ontario)

Wednesday 26th - International Metropolis Conference (Ottawa, Ontario)

Thursday 27th thru Saturday 30th - RCMP Musical Ride Sunset Ceremonies - RCMP Police College (Ottawa, Ontario) 




Monday 1st - Canada Day Parade (Merrickville, Ontario)




Friday 2nd - Glengarry Highland Games Tattoo (Maxville, Ontario)

Friday 2nd - Saturday 24th - Edinburgh Military Tattoo - (Composite Band) - (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Saturday 3rd - Glengarry Highland Games (Maxville, Ontario)




Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd - 44th New Hampshire Highland Games (Loon Mountain, New Hampshire, USA)









Past Events - 2018


The Band had an exciting year of local, national and international performances in 2018. 




Monday 1st - RCMP New Years Day Levee (Ottawa)




Saturday 24th - RCMP Musical Ride Open House (Ottawa)




Tuesday 13th - Perley-Rideau Vets Concert (Ottawa, Ontario)

Wednesday 28th - RCMP National Division Formal Awards and Recognition Ceremony (Ottawa, Ontario)




Saturday 7th - CEILIDH AT CARTIER SQUARE (Ottawa, Ontario)




Sunday 6th - Ontario Police Memorial Parade (Toronto, Ontario)

Wednesday 16th - Conference Opening (Gatineau, Quebec)
Wednesday 23rd - 145th Anniversary of RCMP (NWMP) (Ottawa, Ontario)




Sunday 3rd - Muscular Dystrophy Walk (Ottawa, Ontario)

Saturday 9th - ALS Walk (Ottawa, Ontario)

Friday 15th - Relay for Life (Ottawa, Ontario)

Saturday 23rd - CHEO Teddy Bear Picnic (Ottawa, Ontario)

Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th - RCMP Sunset Ceremonies (Ottawa, Ontario) 




Friday 3rd - Glengarry Highland Games Tattoo (Maxville, Ontario)

Saturday 4th - Glengarry Highland Games (Maxville, Ontario)

Saturday 11th - Navan Fair Parade (Navan, Ontario)

Saturday 25th - North Lanark Highland Games (Almonte, Ontario)




Friday 14th - Wednesday 19th - 29th Shanghai Tourism Festival 2018 (Shanghai, China) - Composite Band

Sunday 30th - Canadian Police and Peace Officers Memorial (Ottawa, Ontario)




Tuesday 16th - Invictus Games Reception (Ottawa, Ontario)

Saturday 20th - 100 Birthday Celebration - Mr. Ken Thorton (Creemore, Ontario)




Sunday 11th - Remembrance Day Ceremony - (Orleans, Ontario)