Welcome to the RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers - National Division


The Band serves communities policed by the RCMP in Ontario, Quebec and the NCR itself. The members of the Pipeband are comprised of active members of the RCMP along with citizen volunteers who come together to share and showcase their musical talent and perform for the communities they serve.  


Celtic music has a powerful appeal to young and old alike and this initiative provides a unique opportunity to bring the community closer to its national police force. The Band and Dancers perform at dozens of events each year for local, national and international audiences.

Above photo: RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers (National Division), Hall of Honour, Parliament, March 29, 2014



RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers - National Division

Shanghai Toursim Festival - Shanghai China

September 14-19,2018



As part of a larger composite Band, the RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers travelled to Shanghai China to participate in the 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival. Please click on the picture above to enjoy some of our pictures from our wonderful trip to China.




RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers - National Division

Celebrating 20 years of the RCMP Tartan


It is with great pleasure that the Band marks the 20th Anniversary of the creation of our RCMP Tartan. Please read an excellent article "The Tartan Turns Twenty" as published in the RCMP Quarterly magazine for more information on our Tartan and it's history and meaning.  


As an added bonus, Burrnett's & Struth the purveyors of Lochcarron tartan kilts to the RCMP Pipes & Drums, have established a store wide discount in honour of our celebrations. Please see their advertisement for more information on this incredible offer.


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RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers - National Division

Awarded Commanders Unit Commendation

March 28, 2018


At this morning's National Division Formal Awards and Recognition Ceremony, D/M Brad Hampson, on behalf of the band and dancers, was presented the Commander's Unit Commendation by our Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Michael Duheme.

The Citation reads "For Exemplary and Innovative Volunteer Service. The National Division Community Band of Pipes and Drums is commended for service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) that has fostered community engagement in Canada and has brought credit and honour to the RCMP with impact at the provincial, inter-provincial, national and international levels. Marking the Twentieth Anniversary of the National Band Program, the National Division Band is recognized for supporting the seven constituent bands of the The Program and extending the public relations mandate of the RCMP. The Executive Director of Public Affairs. RCMP National Headquarters. Ottawa."

As noted before, the RCMP volunteer pipe bands (and dancers) are the first citizen units ever to be awarded an RCMP Unit Commendation, so this is a milestone moment and one for which we can be justifiably proud.

Individual pins to all band members and dancers to recognize the Unit Commendation are still to follow. Unit Commendations don't normally recognize the respective individuals, so these Unit Commendation pins, which also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the tartan and the 20th anniversary of the National Program of citizen volunteer RCMP pipe bands, are also a first for the RCMP.

At this morning's ceremony, the band members present also had the honour of witnessing P/Sgt Gilbert Young and Jack Yourt receive Commanding Officer Commendations. P/M Graeme Ogilvie received the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers.


All in all a very large day for the band and dancers. I mentioned to the CO this morning that over 200,000 volunteer hours have been provided by our band/dancers since our first events 18 years ago. An enormous well done to everyone for all the significant time, effort and contributions you have made over that 18 years that led to the Commendation being received this morning.




Proud purveyors of Lochcarron tartan kilts

to the RCMP Pipes & Drums


Proud producers of the renowned RCMP Tartan